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The flat roof repair and Installation company  is a collection of the best Flat Roofers Ireland has to offer. Our partner companies install flat roof membrane for over a century of experience in Rubber roofing Technology.

Flat roof membrane has successfully produced and installed over 1,000 Million M² of Rubber Guard EPDM worldwide, from the cold climates of Alaska to the desert sun of the Arabian Gulf Deserts and the wet climates all over Ireland.

Flat roof membrane EPDM Roofing Systems dominate the single ply market through their proven performance, durability and flexibility over a wide range of building types.

Key features & benefits of using EPDM:

  • Flat roofs are Superior durability and longevity
  • Free from plasticizers
  • Unmatched resistance to ozone, UV radiation and extreme temperatures with our Flat roofs
  • Life expectancy of more than 50 years plus
  • Quick and easy installation usually within 3 days
  • High flexibility and elongation materials
  • Low-life cycle costs no maintenance
  • EPDM Flat roof material can be Mechanically fixed, fully bonded and ballasted.

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flat roof repairs or rebuild

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Advantage for flat roofs is the cost the materials are cheaper; the labour is cheaper because there is less risk in installing, and these roofs are easier and quicker to install so there is less labour intensive overall

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A flat roof despite their title is a roof which is not level, in contrast to the many types of sloped roofs. The slope of a roof is also known as its pitch and flat roofs have to be up to approximately 10 – 15°, to allow for rain to flow off the roof. Flat roofs have been in use, since ancient times mostly in extreme climates and built up areas as they allow the roof space to be used as an extra living space or a living roof, or balcony in Dublin.

You can have different types of roof mainly EPDM or TPO, Built-up Flat Roof, Modified Bitumen and Fibreglass .

Flat Roof Installation and Repair Dublin

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Residential Flat Roofing

Flat roofing appears to be entirely flat with a wide surface. It may not be too obvious but even if it seems flat, there are slight slopes and pitches to drain or shed water. Flat roofs have unique qualities that make them a great option not only for commercial use but also for your homes. We install all makes and types of flat roofing systems Dublin

Flat Repair/Roof Replacement

Repairing new, if you have a leak or damage flat roof. You should repairing it should be the solution. An average flat roof repair costs around €400-600 on average, which is significantly cheaper than the cost of full replacement. Plus, repairing your flat roof can easily extend its service life by at least 3-5 years. If your roof is old replacing it should be considered as an alternative.

Commercial Flat Roofing

Our roofing Contractor install high quality flat roofs that are designed to solve all commercial flat roof problems. Building owners opt for a flat roof because of the various benefits they offer. Commercial building owners choose flat roofs because flat roofs cost less, it provides extra floor space where storage facilities, HVAC units and more can be easily placed and accessed easily, when needed.

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Flat Roofing System

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Very pleased with out new roof. The roofers, worked wonders to avoid the rain and the whole job was completed cleanly, efficiently and to a very high standard.

Swords Villas

Neil Shea

Flat Roof Repairs

We are pleased with our new look flat roof it has made a great difference to the look of our property, and now it is leak free. During the installation the installers were very professional.



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We are confident in our skills and ability. We provide flat roofing services throughout Ireland, each of our flat roof installations are covered by a 20 year guarantee. We are the number 1 flat roof specialists in Dublin


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Flat Roofing Contractors

Preparation EPDM Rubber Flat Roof

Help With Flat Roofing

If you have flat roof that needs repair, you’re in the right place. Below you are going to read some tips that will help you to get your flat roof back into good working order. Read through the following information to learn more about roofing techniques.

Quality Flat Roofing Repair

You’re going to want to hire a roofer that has experience in the field. This means that you’re going to have to hire someone that has done this kind of work quite a bit in the past. If they are new to this kind of work, then don’t hire them because they may not do that good of a job. Before you hire someone ask them about the work they have done in the past. You especially need to look for people that have done work with flat roofing so you know that they can take on your project.

Don’t try to fix a roof on your own if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you try to fix a problem and just make it worse, then you’re going to cost yourself more money. You can end up getting hurt if you fall while you’re on the roof or do something like have a power tool that malfunctions on you because you weren’t using it right. Roofing is something that takes training so you want to work with someone that knows what they are doing instead of doing the work yourself.

Cost of repair versus the cost of whole roof replacement

Cost of repair roof replacement

Figure out what a good price is to pay to get help with your flat roof. If there is a lot of work that needs to be done, like a whole roof replacement, then it will of course cost you more than getting a small repair done. However, if you keep having to pay for repairs, over time they are going to cost you more than a new roof would. Think about what is going to make the most financial sense and then go that route instead of just guessing what will be best for you.

A good roofer is going to be well reviewed. You’re going to want to look online to see if you can find reviews that have been written in the recent past about a roofer. Try to find the most recent reviews so you know that they are about what you can expect from a company currently. If a roofer is new and hasn’t been reviewed, then that’s not a good sign. But, if someone has been doing roofing work a long time and doesn’t have many reviews that’s better than hiring someone with a bad reputation.

If you do feel confident enough to repair your flat roof

Flat roofing is something you need to do your research on. This is not something you should try to work on yourself if you’re not a . Take what you’ve learned above and use it to help you get your roof to a better state when all is said and done.

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flat roof repairs or rebuild

Experienced Flat Roofers. Roofing and Repairs since 1995.

Damaged Flat Roof Repairs

Our business is built on providing quality Roof Repairs throughout Ireland. Providing  solutions to homeowners and builders in all area of Ireland. We run a family business that is certified and licensed and stand by all our work to make sure all our customers get the very best work and roof protection that is available.

If you would like to arrange a meeting with us and let us do a free roof inspection for you.

Your under no obligation with us, our clients stay with us for years and we like to build up a relationship with our clients so when they need roofing, they know who to call.

We maintain the highest standard of Flat Roofs. A standard that is maintained by our crew of fully qualified roofers throughout the repairs process.

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We do residential and commercial flat roofs:

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Fibreglass Flat Roof Repairs

Preparation EPDM Rubber Flat Roof

Fibreglass Roof Problems

These are a few of the most common problems which can be the causes of leaks with GRP Flat roofs. Below are just a few Fibreglass Flat Roof Repairs problems to be mindful of before repairs.

  1. Flashings: If the area where your flashings meet an adjoining wall haven’t been sealed correctly, or were sealed against a poorly cleaned wall then they may have become separated. It’s common for a small gaps to appear along the join which can then compromise the seal of the roof and make it susceptible to water run-off.
  2. Expansion & Contraction: The expanding and contracting of a fibreglass roof can cause fatigue which in turn can lead to cracks and holes appearing. When the roof was installed expansion should have been factored in. Another cause for this form of failure is when joints and trims aren’t reinforced correctly allowing for unwanted movement.

Thankfully these common causes of fibreglass roof damage are easily repaired by professionals.

What is Fibreglass Roofing?

Fibreglass is a polymer plastic matrix reinforced with glass fibres. Fibreglass, also known as glass reinforced plastic or glass resin plastic (GRP), is typically used for flat roofs, but can be used for pitch roofs as well. Fibreglass roofing uses fibreglass laminate applied over conditioned plywood rafters. The roof is then finished with a fibreglass trim instead of traditional flashing, and coated with a pre-pigmented top coat in a colour to suit your aesthetic requirements. Roofing specialists can help find the best solution for your style of roof.

How Fibreglass Is Made

Most of the materials found in fibreglass are naturally occurring. These may include silica sand, soda ash and limestone, but fibreglass gets its name from the silica sand that turns to glass when heated. The entire batch of materials is placed into a furnace where it is melted, and then it is transferred to equipment designed to convert the molten glass into fibres giving it its shape.

There are several ways to do this, including filament extrusion and spinning. Once the fibreglass itself has been created, the fibres are then added to other materials to keep them strong and impenetrable.

Fibreglass tiles

Fibreglass tiles are also quite popular across the country. Like traditional materials, they have an asphalt exterior, but while organic asphalt tiles have a wood or paper mat, fibreglass ones contain a matrix of plastic reinforced with fibres made of glass. They’re lighter than traditional asphalt, which makes them easier to install, but they don’t last quite as long and as a result we frequently receive repair requests. An advantage is that they cost less than traditional tiles or shingles, and they’re relatively simple to repair.

Benefits of Fibreglass Roofs

Fibreglass Roofs are durable and lightweight, which makes it an ideal construction material in instances when it needs to be brought up a ladder to the area being repaired. Unlike other flat roof materials, including asbestos, fibre-glass poses no health risks.

Fibreglass is also ideal for home extensions and commercial construction, and can be used not only for large roofs, but also for smaller roofs like a garden shed or animal homes. Fibreglass is robust, flexible, weather resistant, and will never corrode. Fibreglass is one of the most inexpensive roofing materials, requiring little to no maintenance and few repairs.

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Fibreglass roofing has a life expectancy of up to 30 years +. In that time, some minor repairs may be required. Although a fibreglass roof requires almost no maintenance, the condition of the roof should be checked regularly to spot any leaks early on.

Due to fibreglass being an inexpensive material that is easy to work with, fibreglass roof repair tends to be fairly cheap, although this will depend on the severity of the damage and the labour required to fix the problem.